About Pasta Company

When and where did Pasta Company first open?

The first Pasta Company opened in 2017 in Corpus Christi, TX.

Is Pasta Company publicly traded?

Pasta Company is a privately owned company.

Pasta Company’s mission and values?

Our Company Mission is to Serve Authentic made from scratch Italian food, fast, fresh & outstanding customer service.

Our Company Values are:

  • Outstanding Guest Service is what we do
  • Guests come first
  • Quality and Freshness is everything
  • Teamwork makes the difference
  • Pursuit of excellence is never-ending
  • Brief Company History

The Pasta Company brand was created in 2017 by Pasta Company LTD, based in Corpus Christi, by a group local restauranteurs. Pasta Company hopes to bring a new meaning to Fast and Fresh Italian with its fast casual concept. We offer full service quality food at fast food prices with a smile. We look forward to growing this concept and sharing real fresh Italian with all of America.